What We’re About

A New Way to Support Local

Inland Northwest Trading Co. is a monthly subscription box service that connects subscribers with regional makers. Each month, our boxes feature a variety of unique, high-quality, handcrafted items made by people who live in the Inland Northwest, for people who live in the Inland Northwest. 

Based in Spokane, WA, Inland Northwest Trading Co. partners with makers from Eastern Washington, North Idaho, Northeastern Oregon, and Western Montana. Designed with community-oriented individuals in mind, our subscription box service gives subscribers a new way to support local and regional businesses. 

Our Mission

Inland Northwest Trading Co. connects subscribers with regional makers via monthly subscription boxes filled with items made by people who live in the Inland Northwest.

Our Vision

At Inland Northwest Trading Co., we envision a more connected and prosperous Inland Northwest region. Our company connects regional makers with consumers through partnerships that are designed to be mutually beneficial. Our partners are at the forefront of our vision, and together we hope to contribute to a greater sense of Inland Northwest pride and Identity.

Why Inland Northwest?

This is Home

Our co-founders both grew up in the Inland Northwest and have an immense appreciation for the culture and beauty of our region. From the stunning landscapes to the incredible communities that make up the Inland Northwest, there is an unlimited amount of creative potential eager to be discovered. At Inland Northwest Trading Co., we believe it is our calling to provide a platform to showcase the many diverse talents and skills of Inland Northwest makers.

Small on Purpose

Inland Northwest Trading Co. is grassroots by design: our primary goal is to help regional small businesses grow by connecting them to consumers who are committed to supporting local. We actively choose to live in and celebrate the Inland Northwest region every day, and we are dedicated to keeping our company grounded in our Inland Northwest roots. From the packaging and boxes themselves to the items inside, everything from Inland Northwest Trading Co. was made right here in the Inland Northwest — and we plan to keep it that way.

Why box subscription?

Inland Northwest Trading Co. Box

The Perfect Solution

Box subscriptions are a convenient way to get the products you already want plus a variety of new and unique products delivered on a regular basis. Our subscription boxes are sustainably handcrafted and designed to delight our subscribers with a curated collection of items made in the Inland Northwest. Each month, subscribers can expect an engaging and rewarding unboxing experience as they simultaneously discover an array of high-quality handmade items, while also supporting local and regional businesses.

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Who We Are

Inland Northwest Trading Co. - Mariah Brooks, Co-Owner

Mariah Brooks, Co-Owner

Mariah Jones Brooks is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Inland Northwest Trading Co., LLC. As an avid intersectional feminist, Mariah has always wanted to work for a company that serves a higher purpose. Since moving back to Spokane in 2017, Mariah has been committed to discovering how her skill set can best serve the rapid development of our community.

Inland Northwest Trading Co. - Gary Bailey, Co-Owner

Gary Bailey, Co-Owner

Gary Joseph Bailey is a co-founder and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Inland Northwest Trading Co., LLC. Although Gary has always identified as an artist, he has been developing his entrepreneurial savvy for a number of years. A graphic designer and photographer by trade, Gary recently realized that his skill set would best lend itself to starting a small business. 

How We Make the Magic

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The makers who provide items for Inland Northwest Trading Co. subscription boxes are an integral part of what we do and who we are. Reaching potential partners is an ongoing collaborative endeavor and involves connecting in person at community events, engaging via social media, or by word of mouth. We want to include as many amazing Inland Northwest made items as we can get our hands on, and so we try to reach out to as many makers as we can connect with to get the conversation going about Inland Northwest Trading Co. and the future of our region. 

Inland Northwest Trading Co. Graphic Designer Gary Bailey

Graphic Design

Gary Bailey graduated from SFCC’s Graphic Design program in 2014. With a background in fine art and photography, Graphic Design was a natural transition and helped him enter a fulfilling career in Marketing. Gary has been working as a professional Graphic Designer & Web Developer ever since and is the brainchild of Inland Northwest Trading Co.’s brand and brand image.

Inland Northwest Trading Co. Photography & Video CMTV ROSETHROW Darrien Mack

Photography & Video

Photography and video were some of Gary Bailey’s first passions when discovering his creative abilities. Producing professional-level work since 2013, all the photos used in Inland Northwest Trading Co.’s marketing materials are shot by Gary Bailey and other local photographers. No stock photos here! We believe that our partner’s products and their stories are the real heroes of our brand; so we take pride in making them shine. Lights, camera, action!

Shout out to Darrien Mack at CMTV for helping us put together our stop motion promotional video.

Inland Northwest Trading Co. Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Inland Northwest Trading Co. is about providing quality experiences. That’s why we decided to put extra care into our packaging by screen-printing each box by hand, creating a unique and satisfying unboxing experience. Each box our subscribers receive are individually produced and customized by us! We can’t let our partners/makers have all the fun.

Inland Northwest Trading Co. Box

Local Fulfillment & Delivery

“Small on purpose, from end to end” is a philosophy we at Inland Northwest Trading Co. operate by. Our goal is to outsource as little of our operation as possible to not only retain quality control over our product, distribution, and fulfillment but also to allow us to grow organically as a company and create jobs. We of course still use major delivery services for shipping in the US, but for subscribers located near our headquarters in Spokane, WA the boxes are hand-delivered by us!

Our Friends

Inland Northwest Trading Co. Community Super Sparkle The Bartlett RIP

Super Sparkle

When brainstorming our promotional video, we knew we wanted to use a song that was produced locally. Drawing from a pool of Spokane’s vibrant music scene, our favorite retro-influenced super-group, Super Sparkle was an obvious choice. Their song “Business” was the perfect fit for our brand and the video. Super Sparkle was kind enough to let us use the song and we’re honored to be able to include it! Give their music a listen, you will not be disappointed.