Owner of 12th House Crafts Danielle Bassett
12th House Crafts | Portland, OR

3D Candles from Portland, OR

Owner and operator of 12th House Crafts, Danielle Bassett is 22 years old and recently graduated from the University of Redlands in the spring of 2020 with a double major in communicative disorders and Spanish. She is currently in the application process to pursue her masters degree in Speech Language Pathology in Oregon! 

Besides candle making, she enjoys being out in nature and doing other types of arts and crafts. Danielle is also a certified scuba diver! 12th House Crafts gets its name through the 12th House of astrology, which controls our dreams and desires and is ruled by Pisces, which is also Danielle’s sun sign. 

Danielle started making candles as a way to reuse the old wax from past candles which turned into a passion for creating her own brand. In October 2020, Danielle started making her own 100% soy wax candles right out of her family’s dining room and began selling them on Etsy. She always loves to have a candle lit in her room, and it makes her happy to think that other people are enjoying her candles as well. She makes a variety of molded candles that have quickly become her favorite pieces of decoration in her room. 

Danielle was raised in the PNW and loves supporting other local sellers. This summer she hopes to expand her business to get her products into shops as well as setting up a booth at the Portland Saturday Market.

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