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Brittany Jo Design Co. | Moscow, ID

String Art Made in the INW

Owner and operator of Brittany Jo Design Co, Brittany Jo was introduced to string art at a lady’s craft night and quickly fell in love. Her first string art piece featured an elephant that Brittany Jo drew herself, nailed out, and strung. Picking the craft up as a hobby, Brittany Jo continued to create more string art, including pieces she planned to hang in her future child’s nursery. 

After Brittany Jo’s husband graduated from Utah State, they moved to Moscow, ID to attend graduate school. When they made the move, Brittany Jo was 20 weeks pregnant, and it was difficult to find a job. Starting a small business meant that Brittany Jo could also stay at home with her new baby, so she opted to open an Etsy shop where she could sell her string art designs. 

Like most small business owners, Brittany Jo’s business didn’t take off right away, but every sale got her one step closer to her dream of being a stay at home mom while helping to provide financially for her family. After she had her son, Brittany Jo battled with postpartum depression and used her string art as a way to communicate her feelings. For example, she created the dandelion design because it felt personal to her — like a weed, or a failure. Brittany Jo’s art helps to remind her that everyone is beautiful and unique, and she wants others to feel that too. She believes that creating designs helps her to share her talents with others, and that string art can be extremely therapeutic.

Her business also inspired Brittany Jo to go back to school, to become a better business owner. After her current semester, she only has one left before she graduates! Brittany Jo is proud to be a student, a small business owner, and a stay at home mom, and she looks forward to continuing to help others experience joy in life.

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