Owner of Jabacrafts Soap Hayley Jabara | Tacoma, WA
Jabacrafts | Tacoma, WA

Homegrown, Handcrafted, Female-Owned

Jabacrafts began as organically as the name itself. Hayley Jabara, the
sole owner and operator, is a lifelong “crafter” – it was literally her maiden
name. Hayley’s wedding provided the opportunity and creative outlet to put
her crafting spirit to work. Looking to her garden for inspiration, Hayley
realized lavender was sure to play a lead role, and after a perfect summer
in the Pacific Northwest, she was soon producing it in abundance. From
hand sewing her harvest into every wedding invitation to making
boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets and centerpieces, lavender was
definitely in the air…and in excess by the gallon bag.

Hayley was soon producing so much that she knew she needed to start
sharing it with friends and family. It began with eye pillows and sachet
bags, but she wanted her hand-harvested buds to go farther, so she started
making soap. Little did she know how important hand washing would
become in the upcoming months…

What makes Jabacrafts Handmade Soaps so special is the homegrown
love that goes into every bar. Each one is individually crafted with pure
essential oils and a variety of natural exfoliants. The lavender and
rosemary are grown and hand-harvested by Hayley herself, and she crafts
over fifty varieties of soap from her home. Her passion for essential oils
and their benefits inspired her to develop a four-bar facial set that has
helped people across the country on their skin care journey.

The unprecedented challenges of the past year have allowed, or even
required, many of us to try something new with our lives. Jabacrafts
Handmade Soaps has provided Hayley a new career path and the
opportunity to finally love what she does for a living. Hayley may have lost
the ‘craft’ in her name when she became a Jabara, but her creative spirit is
stronger than ever.

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