Kandis Created Owner, Kandis Larson | Spokane, WA
Kandis Created Owner, Kandis Larson

Greeting Cards from Spokane, WA Artist Kandis Larson

Fine Art Prints, Greeting Cards, Leather Crafts, Basketry & Beading

Artist Kandis Larson’s motto for over 20 years as been “learn to be free, and follow one’s passions.” Traveling and living (sometimes out of the back of a truck), Kandis enjoys a simple life of exploring all that this beautiful world has to offer. In her adventures, Kandis realized early on a style for interpreting the wildlife around her in an abstract way. Throughout her life, Kandis has been creating one way or another, not only drawing but also making leather crafts, basketry, beading, and even building her own tiny cabin in the woods where she currently lives and creates. Kandis Created has become a path for her to share her art in a way that has been most fulfilling, as she has seen others take joy in her creations. 

Each of the animal cards by Kandis Created is representative of traits associated with each animal. For example, the honeybee signifies community, brightness, and personal power. Cards are blank inside to create your own unique personal message. 

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  • Assorted Animal Greeting Card by Kandis Created

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