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Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. | Troy, ID

Internationally Recognized Brand Operating out of a Renovated 1970s Elementary School

Established in 1998, Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. is a design company with an innovative and award winning internationally recognized brand. All of their products are exquisitely made in Idaho by hand, one piece at a time, using only the finest materials. Operating out of a renovated 1970s elementary school, Potting Shed Creations design statement is to create genuine, straight forward, minimal design that distills through material, color, word, hand and function.

The owners of Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. began as weekend gardeners, saving seed in the typical envelopes and plastic baggies. Being designers by day, they decided to try their hand at creating a kit that could neatly store seed in a compact case that not only functioned well, but looked good too. 

Just for fun, they sent a prototype to the largest English garden company they could think of. To their surprise, they called and wanted everything they had in stock! A mix of excitement, panic, and many long nights followed, but they made the order by the deadline and Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. was born. 

Twenty years have passed since that very first design and even today, with each new product, the thrill remains. They draw their inspiration from nature, reclaimed objects, gastronomy, modern culture, and Japanese minimalism. Their philosophy is that people make better products than machines. 

Some fun facts about Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. include that they have one office dog for every four people; their most complicated pieces of machinery are a foot-pedal grommeter and a glue gun; their upcycled bottle gardens have saved 100,000 (and counting bottles) from landfills; and it is not uncommon to see moose peering into their production windows! 

You can find Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. items on their website, on their Etsy page, and now in INW Trading Co. Holiday Boxes! 

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  • Yule Tree Christmas Garden Kit by Potting Shed Creations, Ltd.

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